Cloud LLMs

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Humanlike conversational dialogue

  • Free : Yes, ChatGPT-3.5
  • ChatGPT 4 : $20.00/mo
  • API : ✅

Claude is a next generation AI assistant built for work and trained to be safe, accurate, and secure.

  • Free : Yes
  • Claude Pro : $20.00/mo
  • API : ✅

AI Chatbot from Google

ChatGPT-4 wrapped into free Bing search

CC-BY-NC-4.0 models!

Available on Azure and Le Plateforme

Wide range of models from 70b Llama to Mixtral 8x22b


Generate UI with shadcn/ui from simple text prompts and images

  • Free : Yes
  • Paid : from $20.00/mo

AI Generated wireframes and sitemaps from text

  • Free : Yes, 1 Project
  • Paid : from $38.00/mo


Capture in lifelike 3D. Unmatched photorealism, reflections, and details

Magically generate custom 3D models in minutes

Local LLMs

Subreddit to follow

Run Llama3, Mistral 7B, TinyLlama, Phi 1.5 in your browser with webassembly! ⚡️

MacOS, Windows, Linux app with range of models to run locally

Similar as Ollama, GUI on top of llama.cpp

Llama.cpp wrapper GUI for VSCode


Local LLMs with RAG


Run models in the cloud at scale: LLMs, Photo and Video Upscale, Diffusion models, Image-to-Text, Generative Audio, Transcription

Open source models with API, Image, Audio, Video, 3D, Language

Hundreds of AI API

Fully-managed, unified AI development platform for building and using generative AI

Rent GPUs

Build & Run AI/ML Models on NVIDIA H100 GPUs

Market leader in low-cost cloud GPU rental

Globally distributed GPU cloud built for production. Develop, train, and scale AI applications

On-demand & reserved cloud NVIDIA GPUs for AI training & inference

High-performance GPU cloud

Global CPU & GPU Market

Train LLMs, vision, and other AI models. Using No-code tools like ComfyUI, Automatic1111, and Fooocus is also super simple

Vector DBs

Great comparison table:

Build high-performance vector search applications. Good Starter plan

  • Free : 2GB storage, 2M write/mo, 1M read/mo, 1 project, 5 indexes, 100 namespaces

AI-native open-source embedding database

Vector database built for scalable similarity search. Open-source, highly scalable, and blazing fast

AI Native Vector Database

Vector Database with free tier

From the creators of Milvus, the vector database trailblazer

Embeddings, multimodal search

Efficient similarity search and clustering of dense vectors

  • Free : Self-hosted

Vector DB from Elastic

  • Free : Self-hosted

Open-source vector similarity search for Postgres, Supabase compatible

Organize complex unstructured data. Train AI models. Retrieve knowledge with AI

Developer-friendly, open source database for AI

Diffusion with GUIs

Probably best text-to-image service to the date

Text-to-image GUI from Stability AI

Text-to-video models, AI video-editing tools, etc

StableDiffusion UI made with Gradio


The home of open-source! Models, datasets

ML and AI community, competitions, datasets, models

Framework to construct LLM‑powered apps easily

  • Free : 5K traces/mo
  • Paid : From $39/mo, 10K traces

Frontend UI for your machine learning

Turns data scripts into shareable web apps


Labeling tool with self-hosting and MIT license!

Code with AI

The AI-first Code Editor, use your own API key available

  • Free : Hobby plan, 50 ChatGPTs 4, 200 GPTs 3.5/mo, 2,000 Copilot completions
  • Paid : From $20/mo, fast 500 GPTs-4, unlimited slow GPTs-4 and more

The world’s most widely adopted AI developer tool

AI coding assistant supporting wide range of IDEs

  • Free : Basic plan
  • Paid : 90-days trial, then from $12/mo

AI coding assistant for IDEs, Neovim / Vim, Jupyter

  • Free : Individual plan
  • Paid : from $15/mo, GPT-4 support

A Visual Studio Code - ChatGPT Integration