Useful collection of most notable AI companies, blogs and links

Working with text, chatbots

Chat GPT Bing AI Jasper GPT-3 Playground Writesonic Moonbeam HoppyCopy

Paid APIs, Models

Replicate StableDiffusionAPI Evoke

MLOps Platforms

Weights & Biases ClearML Lightning AI

Text to Video Generation

Synthesia Elai Movio Colossyan


Luma Labs Point·E

Printing with AI

Artificial Printer

Cloud services

Amazon SageMaker Google Cloud Microsoft Azure IBM Watson Alibaba Cloud Oracle Cloud Baidu Cloud

Blogs, Tutorials

Jay Alammar Machine Learning Mastery OpenAI Google AI Blog Nvidia AI Blog KDnuggets George Hotz Blog

Model Zoos, Datasets etc

HuggingFace Kaggle

Labeling Tools and Platforms

Scale AI Supervisely V7 Labelbox SuperAnnotate Toloka

Jobs and Careers Ben's Bites

Code with AI

GitHub Copilot Replit Ghostwriter Tabnine Codeium airops Safurai

Video generation, Editing


Image Generation

Midjourney DALL·E 2 DreamStudio DiffusionBee PromptHero NightCafe Lexica

Image Tools

PhotoAI: synthethic photos Magic Studio Playground Upscale Media Kaiber AI Image Enlarger

Product Photography Mokker

Music and Audio

SoundRaw Resemble.AI Lalal.AI Transkribieren Adobe Enhance Voicemod Mubert Descript Riffusion

Conferences, Events

CVPR 2023: 18-22 June, Vancouver NeuraIPS: 10-16 Dec, New Orleans Nvidia GTC: 20-23 March, Online ICML 2023: 23-29 Jul, Honolulu

AI Youtube Courses

ULiège Spring 2021 MIT Intro to Deep Learning NYU Deep Learning Course

Youtube Channels

Andrej Karpathy Yannic Kilcher Sentdex Two Minute Papers Computerphile AI Coffee Break with Letitia DeepMind Siraj Raval TensorFlow


François Chollet Ian Goodfellow Yann LeCun Fei-Fei Li Jeff Dean Oriol Vinyals Soumith Chintala Demis Hassabis Ilya Sutskever Russ Salakhutdinov Nando de Freitas Sam Altman Greg Brockman John Carmack Robert Scoble


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